Chamomile (Matricaria recutita/Matricaria chamomilla) also referred to as ground apple has been drunk for many centuries in various regions including Ancient Greece, Egyptian Rule and the Roman Empire. It is highly priced particularly because it contains special flavonoids like chrysin which is known for numerous health benefits. Chamomile tea benefits were acknowledged centuries ago and it is one of the most recommended tea beverages. The tea is known as a “tisane” which basically refers to a non-caffeinated beverage or concoction. It is made by pouring hot water on the leaves, stem and/or root of the plant. Some of the top benefits of drinking this tea include;

Treating wounds, bruises and cuts

In the ancient empires of the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians, chamomile tea was used to speed up the healing process of wounds and cuts. In a more recent study, researchers discovered that rats that were given water flavored with chamomile healed faster than those without the elixir. The studies also indicated that chamomile works better for burn wounds. It contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-microbial effects which make it ideal for soothing and healing wounds.

Relieving diabetic patients

While this benefit has not been fully expounded, some researchers suggest that chamomile tea can help patients with diabetes to manage their condition. The tea is a perfect alternative for other beverages as it has no “jitters.” It can also help those suffering hyperglycemia.

Preventing and treating bacterial infections

Chamomile is known for its antibacterial properties which is why it was used to treat colds and mild flues in the past centuries. Drinking chamomile tea everyday can help prevent various kinds of bacterial infections and illnesses.

Promoting deep sleep

While most teas are known to be stimulants that otherwise interrupt sleep and are therefore not recommendable to take in the late evenings, chamomile boosts sleep. It has been used to correct insomnia and promote healthy sleep patterns for centuries. The tea does this by soothing and relaxing your nervous system making it possible for you to calm down and fall asleep.

Calming muscle spasms

In one study carried out in England, researchers found out that chamomile tea increased the amount of urine in glycine. Glycine is the compound responsible for calming muscle spasms which is why scientists believe chamomile tea can be used to relieve menstrual cramps. Athletes prone to muscle cramps will also find chamomile quite effective in soothing the condition.

Soothing stomach aches and related stomach problems

This is another incredible addition to the chamomile tea benefits. The tea is known to have a soothing effect on upset stomach and also helps to correct indigestion problems. It relaxes the intestinal muscles and lining hence soothing the stomach. Chamomile can also be used to remedy those with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

Promoting healthy skin

As aforementioned, chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory properties which are good for healthy skin. It also has antiseptic properties and has been used to clear skin irritations ranging from mild allergies to infections like acne and eczema among others.

Reversing abnormal cell growth

There have been speculations about chamomile tea being used to compliment cancer medication. Although it is quite unlikely that taking chamomile tea will help you reduce the number of cancerous cells, research in this area is still ongoing. What’s clear though is that chamomile in some way makes it hard for abnormally growing cells to thrive.

Treating/soothing hemorrhoids

The ointment found in chamomile has been shown to sooth hemorrhoids appearing around the lower rectum and anal region. Drinking chamomile tea will relax the nervous system and its anti-inflammatory properties will sooth the swollen veins.

Treating migraines

Chamomile is recognized for its therapeutic uses for anxiousness issues such as crabbiness, nervousness and sleep deprivation. It eases down your sensory system vibrations and helps you unwind your mind to attain calmness. For this same reason, chamomile diminishes torment, irritation, uneasiness and headaches such as migraines. However, you will need to drink chamomile tea 3-5 times a day to get rid of fully developed migraines.

Used in skin lightening

Chamomile tea astounds conventional skin dyes and bleaches. It has long been used to tighten skin pores and lighten up the complexion giving a solid tone, mollifying the skin and tarnishing/blurring spots and pimple scars. It is also a natural home remedy for skin boils and irritation.

Boosts your immunity

Chamomile tea can help to boost your immune system and support various invulnerabilities. It has antibacterial properties and is known for its hostility to microbes. Issues such as hacks and icy are no problem to those who drink chamomile tea as you will soon recover from such problems without much effort and thought.

Reduces wrinkles and delays aging

With its antioxidant properties, chamomile tea removes oxidants, free radicals and toxins that accumulate in the blood and body leaving your heart clean to function optimally. It keeps you looking adolescent by protecting and toughening the skin against radicals and attacks that contribute to fast aging.

Treating allergies and ulcers

Allergies such as swelling, sore throats, gingivitis, swelling boils have been controlled using chamomile tea. Icy stacks of the tea can be used to freeze swelling and reduce the extent of allergic symptoms. It is also used to treat stomach ulcers; take chamomile tea regularly if you want to ease the frequent agony.

Treatment and care for hair

Chamomile tea has been used to clear dandruff, care for blond hair and supply nutrients that promote healthy skin and hair. Its therapeutic advantages and hostility to microbes help in mitigating infections and speeding up recovery.


The benefits of chamomile tea are numerous considering all its properties and characteristics as a concoction. This home cure is one of the most reliable as its results are successful and it provides solid, practical and scrumptious solutions even when taken orally. There are various chamomile tea brands available in the market and finding them should never be a daunting task. However, not all you come across will depict desirable attributes of quality. If you want to enjoy the chamomile tea benefits, it is advisable to purchase fresh chamomile from credible licensed retailers allowed to operate in your area. This way, you can be sure to get original quality that will deliver the key nutrients and properties you seek.