Anxiety attacks are only known as panic attacks. When a person encounters any fear from anything and cannot overcome that, it turns into anxiety attacks. An anxiety attack is a response to the sympathetic nervous system also known as SNS. When a person is not able to come over from the fear of anything and receives attacks in return then, such attacks are termed as anxiety attacks. Being anxious is very common in people. Anyone can get anxious or nervous under any circumstances. But it cannot be termed as anxiety attacks. When this anxiousness or fear becomes constant, and the victim is not able to overcome them, then it becomes an anxiety disorder.

Symptoms of anxiety attacks can be physical and emotional too. Some common symptoms are tremors or twitches, heart pounding, frequent urination or diarrhea and many others. There are many causes behind anxiety attacks. Like sometimes anxiety attacks may be a listed side effect of medications such as Ritalin or even antibiotic like fluoroquinolone.

Lack of assertiveness is also considered a cause behind anxiety attacks. Alcohol or withdrawal of drugs is also considered as one of the causes behind anxiety attacks. Pharmacological triggers can also be the reason behind such disorder. In short, many things can cause you to start having anxiety attacks, but now you need to work on learning how to stop anxiety attacks.

The most effective treatment for controlling anxiety attacks is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is also known as CBT. CBT is an efficient and 100% result oriented treatment for anxiety disorder. It is long-term procedural treatment which requires a lot of care and therapy. It is not an overnight fix - you have to work at it! But in time you will find that your anxiety becomes less and less severe. In the meantime, you may need some medication to help you normally live if your anxiety is very severe.

Other medications like benzodiazepines and antidepressants are also very popular and famous treatments for this problem. But the first suggestion is to visit a physiotherapist and start an immediate effective treatment. These anxiety attacks cannot be ignored as these may result in increased risk of heart attack and stroke later if avoided.

Self-help is the best help. We can also protect ourselves from this anxiety to become a disorder. There are many self-treatments which are requiring overcoming from this disorder. Even in CBT and other treatments, it needs self-help and some care and precautions from the patient. There are some daily routines too like exercise; yoga and healthy eating that can also help in overcoming such attacks.

Anxiety attacks are also sometimes related to the lack of confidence in the patient, and one must have to inbuild the faith and courage to overcome the fear of vanishing the anxiety disorder. Anxiety attacks are not a disease like cancer which cannot be cured, but it also cannot be ignored by the patient. Having an anxiety attack is considered the worst one has ever encountered in life.

To get rid of anxiety attacks that cripple your everyday existence, a proactive treatment of your condition is essential. The vicious cycle caused by high levels of anxiety may make you feel hopeless and depressed, but this needn't be the case. If you are looking for ways of how to stop anxiety attacks, there are a host of options open to you today.

You don't have to be embarrassed about having this condition. Seek the help of family, friends, and your medical practitioner to help guide you slowly but surely out of your predicament.

The shaking, sweating, palpitations, hyperventilation, dizziness and nausea that characterize a panic attack can sometimes be misdiagnosed as a heart attack -- such is its severity. Not only is it a physical ailment, but it is also a mental condition as well, with the irrational fear governing your every action.

If you have been clinically diagnosed with this condition, your doctor may prescribe tranquilizers or other depressant medications to help you climb down from your frequent spirals of panic. However, these drugs are chemical-based and come with harmful side-effects from long-term use. If you are more comfortable dealing with your condition using more natural methods, there are several of them available for you to try.

Natural remedies to halt the progression of anxiety attacks can be undertaken without medications, supplements, or even psychological therapy. In fact, with several of these methods in proliferation today, you can condition yourself to cease having panic attacks entirely.

One of the ways you can teach yourself how to stop anxiety attacks permanently is to master all manner of fearful thoughts that may contaminate your mind. You can empower yourself by taking charge of your thoughts to prevent any unwanted agitation from taking root. Once you feel the beginnings of a panic attack on the horizon, stop struggling against it and tell yourself firmly that you aren't going to have an attack. Nothing and no one are going to harm you. It's all in your mind.

Another way you can counter this condition in a gradual manner is to "go with the flow" each time you feel an attack coming along. Resisting an anxiety attack will only add fuel to the fire and prolong each episode until you want to hide out in your home for fear of facing a possible trigger in public. If you stop struggling against all your fearful thoughts, they will gradually dissipate and disappear altogether.

Anticipating the triggers of an anxiety attack will also help you become more aware of what causes you go into a tailspin of fearful fits. This way, you can avoid situations, events, and people in your environment that can trigger these attacks. Avoidance is a good option to keep you from going mad.

There are a lot of other methods to help you how to stop anxiety attacks. Some of these methods include acupuncture, the Linden Method, and even yoga and transcendental meditation. Whatever method you choose to use, it is a laudable fact that you are taking steps to rid yourself of this crippling condition so you can live a normal life once again.