When you seem to have lost your enthusiasm and interest in the things you love, you may be depressed. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of; you should know that right away. Millions of people worldwide suffer from depression. How you handle your depression is very important. Once you learn how to fight depression, you'll be able to deal with things easier and feel better.

First you need to try to figure out why you're depressed. Simple as it may sound, there may not be an obvious cause for your feelings. If you can't pinpoint one or more major occurrences that have caused your depression, start exploring the possible causes. When you know the reason(s), you can better target the problem.

Talk to someone. Whether it's a therapist or your family doctor, it will help to let a professional know that you are having difficulty dealing with things. Even if you just talk to a friend or relative, discussing what you're going through can't hurt. If you have issues and you don't know who to turn to, a religious leader or teacher may be able to help. Journaling will also help. Getting your feelings out is the first step to working on them and getting past them.

Make sure you're taking care of yourself. Many times when people are depressed, they want to sleep and withdraw from society. This is the worst possible thing to do. Being alone with your grief will only make things worse. Get ample rest, but make sure you're still functioning. This is the most important time for you to eat well and get plenty of fluids. If you've been prescribed medications for your depression or other ailments, make sure to take them as prescribed.

Keep your routine. Don't make matters worse for yourself. No matter how bad you feel, if you don't get up, bathe and go about your normal routine, things will get worse. Get out of the house and go to work or school, whatever you would usually do. Falling behind on your work will cause you more stress and pressure. If you're having a hard time getting things taken care of, ask for help.

Make a plan to get beyond these feelings. Look to the future and realize that the way you feel right now won't last. Get excited about upcoming events and work on putting this all behind you. No matter how you do it, start processing your feelings. Once you've gotten them out, put them where they belong, in the past. Work towards becoming a happy, whole person again.

Fighting depression can often be a race you feel you are not going to complete not to mention win. The condition makes you feel as though there is no end in sight, not a good end in any case. However there is. A triumph is nothing is if is not earned and the triumph over depression is like any other-it takes time and hard work to gain and keep it under control.

Here are a few top tips how to fight depression:

Be active - Doing exercise and being active releases feel-good hormones that counteract the depression. Take long walks, do yoga or ride bicycle. Any of those activities you have not done in a while. Make sure you get lots of sun and fresh air as this will make you feel more energised. Energy being of great lack with depression. Even if you feel like doing nothing, be strong and stand up.

Keeping busy.

Keeping your mind occupied is key to managing your depression,. Express yourself though gardening, writing and painting. You will see your creations go from dull and boring during your starting phase to bright and colourful as you progress through the phases of depression to ultimate recovery.

Do something different.

Break your habits and daily rituals a little. You are so stuck in your circumstances that you think there is nothing fun or stimulating to do in the world anymore. Take a different road or do you grocery shopping at another mall. Don't stop there-face your fears and do something you are terrified of like bungee-jumping. Who knows it may just be life changing?

Spoil yourself.

Take yourself shopping. Retail therapy is excellent treatment for depression. However only in moderation. Do not spend money that you don't have. You don't want to add to your existing worries by indulging in extravagant items. It is the small things in life that matter. Someone once gave me the advice that a shopping centre or mall is the ideal setting for stimulation your senses which have been numbed by your condition. By drinking a chocolate milkshake or strawberry juice you are tasting, smelling and seeing something that give you pleasure, no matter how insignificant it may seem-it will have a positive effect.

Shout it out.

Talking about your worries and frustrations will make you feel less stressed and bottled-up. That is why God created friends and family-to stand-by each other, lend a hand and listen. You will also realize that there are people with greater problems and worries than yours

The truth is, depression is a fight going on in your mind. When you are depressed, your mind succumbs to the thoughts that kill your positivity, hence you feel anxious, weak, and disempowered to act. There are many ways on how to fight depression, and some of it you can do on your own if you are not the type who would find it easy to share your innermost thoughts and feelings to others. And this can be the start of your ultimate guide.

Coming up with a concrete image of your dreams is a way how to fight depression. Many psychology and self-help books would tell you that painting a picture of your dream house, or envisioning your wedding day, or imagining you in your dream vacation are ways for you to change your general outlook. Some books say that the power of the vision is a very potent tool in giving you the energy and the willingness to take on the challenges in life, because you have such concrete sense of what you want in life.

What else? How to fight depression? You can visualize your problems and stress causers as dirt in your body washed away by a warm and relaxing bath. It works to change your mind's disposition to think of the negative thoughts as objects that can be separated from your body. You may even take a real bath and feel all the negativity leave your body. It is ritualistic; it is symbolic, but for as long as it can make you feel better, that should be able to work wonders for you in the long run. Visualizing the removal of problems and doing what is in your vision can help.