There is no fool-proof formula that gets rid of depression quickly. Even tranquilizers, sleeping pills, relaxants, and the like, do not guarantee immediate and effective results without consequences. What are the alternatives to anti-depressants? You can try anything from ECT (electroconvulsive therapy), Psychotherapy, meditation, brain stimulation and herbal treatments. Diet, exercise, and good sleep habits can also be valid ways to help one to get rid of depression.

Ultimately the best way to get rid of depression depends on the factors causing them in the first place, and so knowing what has pushed you to the limits is very important in the treatment and healing process.

Factors That May Trigger The State of Depression

Experts say that there are two basic classifications of factors that trigger depression - biological and social. The biological factor in depression is nothing more than an imbalance of the hormones in the brain, in which case the only way to remedy the problem is through medications. The issue here is that medications come with side effects, and this makes treating depression of the biological kind quite challenging.

The social factors that trigger the state of depression may be any one of the following:

Death of a loved one
Relationship problems
Retrenchment or loss of job
Debt problems
Health problems

These social factors may not require immediate medical attention unless the manifestations are severe so as to affect one's quality of living. Needless to say, there are different ways you can cope with depression, depending on the causative factor.

Coping With Depression Due To Death of A Loved One

Getting into the state of depression following the death of a loved one is expected. It's a normal reaction to emotional pain. In fact, it is highly abnormal not to feel any grief or sadness when someone very close to you dies. Nonetheless, you cannot let your depression take control of your life. Here are some things you can do to cope with depression:

Think about happy memories about the person who died - this will put a smile in your heart.
Engage yourself in the community and civic activities. Participate in outreach programs volunteer your services. Keep yourself busy by making a difference in other people's lives. Doing so will not necessarily make you forget your loss but will make you feel blessed and will somehow give you a sense of contentment.

Coping with Depression Due To Relationship Problems

The end of a relationship is not the end of the world. Don't wallow in self-pity. Remember that bad thing happen so better things will come out. We will experience darkness before we can see the light of day, as they often say. To cope with depression of this nature:

Get a makeover. Change your hair cut, have your nails done, get a facial. Getting a beauty treatment of some kind works a lot of wonders to your self-confidence.
Take a vacation. Take a short trip abroad or a long drive out of town. A change of scenery is always a great idea when trying to cope with depression.

Coping With Depression Due To Retrenchment or Job Loss

Losing your job can really get you down. Change your fate by:

Considering a career change. Enroll in courses with a higher demand for employment and obtain the necessary qualifications.
Taking post-graduate courses to qualify you to higher positions.

Coping With Depression Due To Unemployment

Getting a job these days is indeed difficult with companies trying to cut back on expenses. But don't despair because there are in fact many opportunities for content writers, graphic artists, marketers, designers, typists, virtual assistants, and so on, online. If you have difficulty looking for a real job in a real world, get a real job in the virtual environment. All you have to do is to enhance your skills and build your profile, and find the most credible sites to connect with employers.

Coping With Depression Due To Debt Problems

Your debts will seem insurmountable only if you let them. So don't. You are bigger than your problems. There are things you can still do to pay off your debts and improve your financial situation.

Consolidate all your loans so you will not have to deal with so many creditors. Look for a credible consolidating company to help you with your debt problems.
Control your expenses. Give up some of your luxuries. Before making a spend, ask yourself, "will I die if I cannot have this?"
Save the money you would have unwisely spent or make money on the side and use it to reduce your financial obligations.

Coping With Depression Due To Health Problems

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness, such as cancer or diabetes, for instance, is not a laughing matter. But neither is it a reason to stop living. When you have to deal with something like this, don't lose hope. Instead, make the most of your time making wise food choices and lifestyle changes. Good nutrition and healthy living can increase your body's ability to fight the disease and even to heal itself.

There are newer types of anti depressant treatments being explored. One of these is the VNS (vagus nerve stimulation)which is a key nerve pathway in determining our mood responses. VNS works by means of an implant, rather like a pacemaker. This was developed from research into epilepsy and is actually now approved in the US and the EU although it is only used when all other conventional treatments have failed.

Everybody says that by being sociable, maintaining social contacts and networking and taking physical exercise is the best way to end depression. These are all valid ways to get rid of depression but very often, they do not work because there is a feeling of hopelessness and worthlessness and those obstacles cannot be so easily overcome.

The best way to end depression is to be able to make some lifestyle changes which I mentioned above. However, one of the safest treatments often ignored is that of herbal treatment of depression.Stop self-contemplation and cursing yourself. It is essential that you do not give yourself the luxury of dwelling in negative thoughts all the time. This attempt to entertain only positive thoughts requires some effort and time. However, reminding yourself constantly about your thought process can set the pace for a change in life.