Remember when you were young and your parent, teacher, mentor or someone you looked up to told you how you could achieve anything you want? Well, if you still believe that then I hate to burst your bubble but it was a super huge lie. If anything, such ideas only give us the will to take up so much work in a bid to “achieve anything”; so much that at times we bite much more than what we can chew. In addition to that, the modern world is fast paced to the point that most of us have to juggle between so many things in order to remain competitive and successful in life. But how can you do so without feeling extremely anxious? Here are some proven strategies on how to stop feeling overwhelmed.

1. Accept your anxiety
You cannot erase the feeling of being overwhelmed. It is an emotion and the more you battle it the more you are likely to obsess over it. Instead, try to embrace the situation as it is and understand that it is perfectly normal to experience a certain degree of anxiety. You will be able to understand the problem at hand clearly once you acknowledge that you are in fact overwhelmed.

2. Prepare to take action
But admitting your problem is not enough, is it? Of course you have to do something about it. Start considering some possible solutions to whatever is stressing you. Try to think from a general perspective. For instance, if your stress is work related then consider whether a change in the work environment can ease your mind. You can do so as you engage in one of your favorite activities in order to quell your overwhelm. By the end of this step you will have prepared your mind for action and to embrace any resultant changes.

3. Change your anxiety-inducing mindset
This step is an essential part of this guide on how to stop feeling overwhelmed because thoughts of uncontrollability, impossibility, and unpredictability are the ones that lead to overwhelm. Psychologists usually argue that what you think of yourself will manifest itself in your actions. That is why if you think you are very lazy and unmotivated you might feel overwhelmed every time your plate is full. The good news is that you can change what you think about yourself. Look at that workload not as a punishment but rather as a challenge and think of yourself as one very strong individual who is up to the task.

4. Focus on the present
When you keep worrying about the good or bad that may or may not happen in days, weeks, months or years to come then you are depriving yourself of a fruitful present moment. In fact, one way of ending the feeling of being overwhelmed is by determining whether it is caused by a present situation or something that you are anticipating. If it is the latter then you should handle whatever is on your plate at the moment and then schedule time to plan for the future. That will give you enough room to breathe in the present.

5. Filter your to-do list
This is yet another important step in how to stop feeling overwhelmed. Identify the tasks at hand note them down somewhere. Determine the ones that are very important and those that you can skip but still achieve the same results. Focus on the important ones only. Next, identify the urgent ones and those that can wait. Schedule a future time for the ones that can wait and dedicate the present to the urgent ones. Now sort your current tasks according to difficulty and then start with the toughest as you proceed to easy ones. That way you won’t commit your most productive energy on mindless tasks.

6. Do not multitask
Ever heard Confucius’ famous saying that “He who chases two rabbits catches none?” Well, the phrase is as true as it can possibly be. When you multitask you force your mind to divide attention and that tends to cause inefficiency. Therefore, complete one task satisfactorily before proceeding to the next. Otherwise, you might get to the last task and still find a whole pile of unfinished work waiting for you and that will just increase your feeling of overwhelm.

7. Shut out any noise
Another important piece of advice is how to stop feeling overwhelmed is focus. When you concentrate on a task you are likely to finish it faster and with better results and obviously the more tasks you complete the less overwhelmed you will feel. With that in mind, you should understand that distractions will deter you from gaining and retaining focus. Therefore, you need to be in a controlled environment where you can turn off things such as the TV, visits from friends and unnecessary websites.

8. Change your environment
If none of the suggested techniques has yielded the desired results, try changing your environment. It is possible that you could be feeling overwhelmed because you are at the center of overwhelming confusion. Step out for a while and assume you are just a spectator. That might give you a fresh perspective and insights that you did not have before. By the way when I say change your environment I mean literally. Take a walk, go to a different room, move from your desk, or do anything that you can to change your environment.

9. Delegate what you can and ask for help where possible
Is it possible that you are feeling overwhelmed because you are not delegating work as much as you should? Or probably because your pride and ego are in the way of help that could come in handy? Either way, both are viable solutions if you are overwhelmed. Just remember to transfer tasks that the other party can actually handle effectively within the allocated time and with the allocated resources. The last thing you want to do is transfer the feeling of being overwhelmed to someone else.

10. Do not neglect your physical well-being
So far we have only focused on the non-physical aspects of how to stop feeling overwhelmed. Well, when your body is exhausted then you will definitely feel overwhelmed even by the smallest of tasks. So what you need to do is make sure you are rejuvenated. Eat well, get adequate sleep and try to exercise as much as you can.

Now you know how to stop feeling overwhelmed. Try the 10 measures above and don’t forget to share your success story with us.