Do you know why people commit suicide? Usually depression is the main cause and that means that the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are so strong and so pervasive that suicide is the only option. Depression needs to be taken seriously and not ignored. Very often, it is underestimated as a debilitating mental condition. Depression spares no one and it is found at every level of society.

The Army, college students, housewives and the elderly fighting increasing disability and aging are all at risk and many are seeking a natural remedy for depression because of the worrying side effects of conventional medication. It is interesting to note in a recent survey that college students suffer from depression as much as the normal adult population. The good news is that about 85% of students interviewed said that they would seek treatment if they were depressed or if they were about to inflict self-injury or that they would turn to loved ones if that were the case. A natural remedy for depression is often sought by patients who have been on anti-depressant medication for years because they feel that they can no longer take the side effects and also that they feel a little numbed by the effects of these medications.

More people are dealing with depression than ever before. The sales of antidepressant drugs are up. So why are more and more people dealing with depression? Well, the main reason may be their method of treatment. Many drugs are taken by those trying to treat depression, but often medications don't work. ( this paragraph did not pass copyscape, needs new content)

This is the reason that so many people are now trying out some of the natural remedies for depression that are out there.Natural remedies for depression are also effective in altering the brains chemistry, which elevates mood and relieves most of the known symptoms of depression. When antidepressants do not provide the silver bullet for curing and managing depression, natural remedies for depression give you more options for effective and relatively safe alternative treatment to this mood disorder. There are natural remedies for depression that are successfully used by health care professionals. Quite a number of people living with depression day to day don't want to depend on synthetic prescription antidepressant drugs prescribed to them by doctors for help. 

A natural remedy for depression is typically overlooked in favor of pharmaceutical remedies. Advancements in psychotherapy is linked to depressed patients being dispensed prescription drugs to help their condition within a projected period, yet studies have shown that these are not without side effects and health risks. Natural remedies to beat the blues, on the other hand, have been around for a long time. Certain supplements take their ingredients from herbs and other natural sources, and are fast becoming popular alternatives to more expensive and risky synthetic antidepressants. Below are five of the best ways to beat depression the natural way.

1. Don't wallow in depression, be active.

It is tempting to stay in one place and mope when depression strikes. Feeling sorry for yourself seems par for the course, but this is one of the worst things you can do when you're depressed. The best natural remedy for keeping depression from deepening is to get up, get out of the house, and do something active. You can ride a bike, jog, go for a walk, meet up with friends, and soak up some sunshine, which is a very good natural antidepressant in itself. Also, exercising and participating in physical activities help release endorphins, or one's happy hormones. The phrase a healthy mind in a healthy body holds true in this case; toning up your body can provide an overall sense of well-being and accomplishment and make you feel less helpless.

2. Talk to trusted people about how you're feeling.

Talking helps, and it doesn't have to be with a psychiatrist you pay per hour. Sometimes, opening up to trusted friends and family members is more than enough. It is crucial to look for people who genuinely care for you and are willing to lend an ear and give advice. If you need to cry, so be it. Crying is a very good natural remedy for depression because it's a cathartic activity that provides a wonderful sense of release afterward. Don't rein in negative emotions as these can cause increased anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness.

3. Try herbal remedies and vitamins that help alleviate depression.

Saint John's wort is a popular natural remedy for depression that already comes in capsule form, teas, or tinctures for convenience. It has long been used to treat sleep problems and mild forms of sadness and anxiety. It has been found to be safe when taken alone, but care must be made when it's in conjunction with other depression remedies, pharmaceutical or otherwise. Omega 3-fatty acids found in fish oil capsules are also effective at keeping brain functions functioning in a normal and healthy way. Folic acid, a B vitamin form, is also beneficial for people who experience depression and do not respond well to traditional antidepressants.

4. Weed out harmful foodstuff in your diet and eat more beneficial ones.

Diet plays a big part in alleviating depression, and even prevents it from recurring. The natural remedy for depression in the form of herbs and vitamins mentioned above can actually be integrated in your diet. Omega 3-fatty acids are found in cold water fish like sardines, salmon, and anchovies, so it's a good idea to eat them at least a couple of times a week. Folic acid of folate can be had by eating green leafy vegetables, brightly colored fruit, grains, and beans. At the same time, avoid too much caffeinated drinks, alcohol intake, things made from refined flour and sugar, sodas, and other sweets. Also avoid the urge to binge-eat. This can make mood swings worse, enable lowered self-esteem, and even up the anxiety associated with depression.

5. Learn the art of relaxation and meditation.

A lot of depressed people suddenly find themselves crashing after weeks of stressful experiences, at work or otherwise. Yoga and other forms of meditative exercises are becoming popular because they target the betterment of mind, body, and spirit. Meditation is a particularly good natural remedy for depression because it helps balance the nervous system and paves the way for better control over your mental state. So integrate any form of relaxation or meditation in your weekly schedule to keep yourself centered and have peace of mind.