Is how to stop worrying one of your major concerns these days?  You aren't alone!  Worrying is a huge problem for many people in the world these days. Many of them worry every day or ​find themselves worrying every hour. They try to find a solution but cannot get one that seems to work for more than a minute or two. Some people worry about money, some about their relationships, some about work issues, some about their job, some about health, etc. The list can be long!

So you aren't alone - many people worry a lot. They do not think of living or doing things without worrying. But the question becomes, is all of this worrying ​giving them any results? Sometimes they try to stop worrying but cannot do it. The reason behind that is ​because they do not know how to do it. They do not know the methods to stop worrying.

​Worrying will make you feel more worry. It's actually a vicious cycle where a small, teeny tiny worry starts to grow and your mind becomes full of worry.  Then you start to worry more and more,  negative thoughts come to your mind which in turn takes the form of more negative and feelings. And finally, this can morph into other forms such as depression or similar diseases. You will start feeling anxious and miserable more frequently.

​So, let's cover some of the ways to stop worry in its tracks!

How to Stop Worrying

When you start worrying, many of us start by start repeating one thing over and over again with greater focus.  Taking a few minutes to look at this and see if at any time that's actually helped you solve or resolve a problem?  Have you really gotten any solutions or, honestly, have you just stopped yourself from accomplishing anything and wasted time?   When you finally realize what you are doing, the next steps will become very easy. While worrying, you cannot plan your future. But instead of worrying if you start working on the problem and make a step by step plan then you will end up ​making progress and getting closer to your goals and dream. Removing the time lost to worrying allows you to do more in less time.

Worry can control your whole life, and it can damage how you view the differences between fantasy and reality. Everyone, to one degree or another, might be afraid about ​keeping their job in this economy, or struggling to keep a relationship going, but you can also ruin yourself by sending too much attention focused on these things - chronically worrying about what "might" happen but isn't here now or minutely analyzing something that did happen while staying stuck and not changing or improving the situation.

Individuals may resort to worrying about their job security, due to a feeling that they have no control over the issue. But in reality, you can take control of this situation by assessing your present set of skills and accomplishments, and you may decide to make progress in your education with the objective of a more secure employment situation.  Or you could explore new, more interesting career options.  Meet some new people who might help you explore other positions.  Consider a whole new career field that is something you are passionate about!  And if you worry about potentially losing your job, then take even a teeny tiny step to increase your savings so that you can feel more secure in the event something were to happen.

If relationships are an issue, take some time to really look closely at the relationship?  Depending on the person and issue, is it a relationship that you want to continue?  Some friendships or relationships run their course and shouldn't continue.  If it is an important relationship what tools and action steps could you take to improve things starting today?  Even something as simple as a hug or a smile can make a difference. Other options to consider would be having a heart to heart talk with the person or exploring counseling for you or both of you, depending on the situation.  

These kinds of things will help you by improving your belief in yourself, and allow you to interact with people you didn't initially know. Greater confidence and feelings of security can go a long way in easing the stress and worry that you are feeling now.  Replacing your relationship worries with spending more quality time and developing stronger bonds with your loved ones can alleviate those stresses.

Another step on the road to stopping worry is to share the problem, and although this may not be a quick solution, it'll help to relieve the worry. Is your stress due to a fear of some uncertain situation or new thing you need to learn or do? If this is the case, ​speaking out about it to another person can ease the concern and help you learn How to Stop Worrying.

For instance, you may have a fear about skydiving, which would be fine if you were going to be skydiving, but if not, then you can erase this worry by reminding your mind that you'll not ever jump from a plane, therefore, this is an unnecessary concern.  However,  our minds are interesting places!  Even if it's something that isn't happening to you now or in the near future, obsessing and focusing on the issue and worrying about it isn't that uncommon!

Learning How to Stop Worrying allows you to learn to deal with the things that you can alter, because, let's face it, there are plenty of genuine concerns for us day to day. If you have had negative experiences before, this can transform how you deal with situations you may have to face in the future.

Getting all worked up over something isn't healthy, and when the event happens you usually find that there was nothing serious to worry about in the first place. If this is true, recognizing how to stop worrying is a matter of learning how you prepare yourself for particular events. Once you eliminate potentially negative results from your actions, you can expect positive results.

You can practice this with your friends as you're learning how to stop worrying. Focus on good results and you'll begin to understand the easiest course through these kinds of situations. A coach that can help you with life skills, or talk with people who have experienced the situations you worry about, can also be very helpful.

You should also avoid using drugs or alcohol to help you deal with fear and worry. These things can enhance your emotions and give you a feeling of helplessness. In addition, they can increase any negative feelings, anxiety as well as depression.  When you focus on positive things that are controllable, like staying fit and healthy, your worries will seem small and insignificant, and may even disappear ​with time and some patience.

In addition, another very important step to take to enhance your health and wellbeing as well as stopping worrying ​ is to do exercise and/or yoga daily. This will relax your mind ​release stress within your body.  The better shape your body is in, the better shape your mind, focus and energy can be in. Meditation is also ​something that you might want to explore. There are several forms and methods that can be used for even the most beginner levels.  Understand the benefits of stop worrying.

There is a popular saying "cut the past, shut the future, and live in the present". Always do the right things in the present and do not think about the past. If you plan the present in the right way, then you do not have to worry about future. And keep one thing in mind, the past is past. Do not think about it. After all, there's not much that you can do to change it now is there? It is time gone by.

Stop Worrying Action Steps

Once you've begun with one teeny, tiny step in a positive direction you can then open up your mind to thinking about possible solutions to whatever problem was causing the worrying:

  • First, think about what would happen if you cannot find the solution to the problem then what can be the worst thing that can happen to you? ​We're talking the WORST case scenario?
  • Ok, now - what's the likelihood of that actually happening to you?  In most cases it's very rare. Basically this is an example of "feel the fear".
  • Now, you've faced the worst case scenario in your head and you can move forward with taking an action step, however small it might be right now.  ​
  • So start by taking a very small step, whatever that might be towards solving the problem.
  • And sooner than you might think, that huge problem is now back down to a reasonable, life sized problem that can be better addressed.

    Here is an example. Suppose you are worried about your financial situation and the fact that you are not saving anything for your future. ​The results of this can have a big impact on your future life. Take a minute to really visualize the absolute worst case scenario?  For me, that would be being homeless and living on the streets.  Ok, feel the fear and anxiety....on a scale of 1-10 how high was it?  Now, on a scale of 1-10 how likely is that to happen?  Once worry has eased a little with this exercise, what's one small, baby step that you can take to create what you do want and eliminate the risk of what you've been worrying about?  So, instead of worrying think how you can save starting today! Make a diary every day about how much you spent. Now, after one month or one week see which things you spent money on that you could have done without.  ​The very next month, do not spend money on at least 1-2 of the things that you have seen. This will make a big difference. Over time, you can repeat this exercise and increase the steps that you take.  

    ​Learning how to stop worrying is something that you can do with practice and repeated action.  By taking the steps we've covered here as well as utilizing some of the tools that we cover on our site, you can overcome some of the worst fears and worries painlessly and effectively.  And when you find that you have tons more time in your day and week because you aren't spending your time worrying but, rather taking action, you'll find that you are living the life that you deserve and have dreamed of! ​